Introductory Beginner Lessons

If you have never ridden a horse or you have only ridden a few times, our 1/2 hour introductory beginner lessons are meant for you.

In your first lesson you will learn to how lead, mount, and take your first steps with an understanding of proper technique and communication with your horse. You will learn the fundamentals of a correct riding position and take your first trotting steps. Your horse will be totally prepared for you, as we provide full tack-up service so that you can focus on what matters the most. You and your horse!

Your second lesson starts with a brief review and then advances with a continued focus on riding position, riding techniques, and more trotting.

After your first two introductory lessons you will be ready to progress to one of our standard lesson programs. While competition is not the goal for most of our students, the majority of our competitive riders started their riding with our Introductory Lessons.

You are now on the path to become a true equestrian!

Mini Lessons

Top equestrians start young!
(3 to 6 years old)

Your child has a passion for horses; a desire from the heart that you want them to experience and explore. Our 20-minute private mini-lesson gives living joy to their passion, but keeps them safe with the instructor having a secure line to the pony.

Comfort, familiarity, and experiencing a pony’s natural motion will give your child the early exposure to develop the confidence and instincts of a natural equestrian.

At seven years old, they can move into one of our regular lesson programs where they will begin training for independent trotting, cantering, and jumping.

Evaluation Lessons

You can walk, trot, canter and tack-up your own horse.
Now you want to get back to riding, or take it to the next level.

A 1/2 hour private evaluation lesson will help us understand you as a rider, and identify the horses that is the right fit for you. A second evaluation lesson allows us to go deeper into your current skill level, and confirms that you have everything you need to move forward.

Now you are ready for one of our regular lesson programs!


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Introductory Beginner Lessons are 1/2 hour private riding sessions for $95 each.

Most popular packages are 45-minute group lessons for $86 each, 1/2 hour private lessons for $99 each, and 20-minute private lessons (3-6 years old) for $73 each.

Evaluation Lessons are available for experienced riders who know how to prepare their own horse – 1/2 hour private sessions for $86 each.
(taxes not included)

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