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Training at Your Own Pace

Training at Your Own Pace

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Whether to savour those special moments, go deeper in your training, or take it to the next level, our team and friendly community are here to help you reach higher and go farther.

Enjoy every moment with us, in one of Metro-Vancouver’s premium equestrian facilities, with large open indoor and outdoor spaces.



As a long-standing school of horsemanship and equestrian sport, we use a step-by-step approach to help our students pursue their goals with clarity and confidence. Our process makes it easy.

While most of our students are not competitive, dozens have become provincial champions, some winning national awards, and a few have become full-time professional equestrians. Our dedication to classical riding and our teaching system allows our students to apply the correct knowledge and become thoughtful riders and true equestrians.

Serving the equestrian community in Vancouver and Richmond since 1979.



"I’ve been riding at Riverside for many years now and it’s like coming home. Through the years, Linda has always been accommodating and supporting with my hectic and sporadic schedule. You don’t have to own a horse nor be at a certain level, everybody is treated equally with kindness and respect. It’s welcoming and where lifelong friendships are made."

Jessica Hsu

"Riverside has a very inclusive environment where people of all ages and abilities are brought together by the love of horses. If you are looking for anything from casual riding lessons to competing at a high level, Riverside has the knowledge and coaching experience to help you achieve your riding goals."

Keith Naumann


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Evaluation Lessons are 1/2 hour private riding sessions for $86 each and are suitable for experienced riders who know how to prepare their own horse.

Most popular packages are 45-minute group lessons for $86 each, 1/2 hour private lessons for $99 each, and 20-minute private lessons (3-6 years old) for $73 each. (taxes not included)

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13751 Garden City Road
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Monday to Friday: 12PM - 9PM
Saturday and Sunday: 8AM - 5PM

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